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Robyn Goulder

      Clairvoyant & Psychic Medium 



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Posted on April 1, 2017 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (16155)

Karma is simple yet also complex.  A lot of people don't really know how it works.  Understanding Karma can change your perception on reality and also bring some peace to the already stressed reality we create for ourselves.  This is a wonderful story Nigel read to me one night and I want to share it with you.  

Cow Karma - From the book The Snow Lion's Turoquoise Mane - Wisdome Tales From Tibet by Surya Das

In Kashmir long ago lived a monk named Mirathi, an exemplary upholder of the Buddhist precepts.  Through the power of meditative concentration he had developed miraculous powers.  His numerous disciples made firsthand reportrs of their teacher flying in the air, reading their minds, describing past lives and accurately fortelling future events.

The great monk Mirathi was a vegetarian.  Moreover, in strict adherence to Buddhist tradition, he did not eat after midday.  One day he happened to be in his forest abode, dyeing his old ocher monk's robe in a large pot set over an outdoor fire pit, when a band of angry men came upon him looking for a baby cow that had recently been lost.  Opening the pot and finding it full of motley bits and pieces of blood-coloured hue, they shouted accusations at the silent monk, accusing him of stealing and slaughtering their cow.  Then they led him away. 

A kangaroo court that was convened in the nearby village immediately sentenced the silent monk to be placed in chains in a dungeonlike hole in the ground, where he remained for several days.  He said nothing to disprove the claims made against him and made no attempt to secure his release. His disciples beseeched him to rectify the matter, but Mirathi lingered in his earthen pit.

After several days, the villages found the missing cow.  Realising their mistake, they petitioned the local chief to free the monk, but the chieftan was distracted by other important affairs and neglected the case for months and months.  Meanwhile, Mirathi lingered in his earthen pit.

Finally, several of the foremost disciples of the imprisoned monk sought a personal audience with the local king.  He was astonished at their tale, fearing that grave injustice had been done and that immense  bad karma would ensue for the entire kingdom as well as for the irresponsible villagers. Therefore, he quickly ordered the monk freed and had him brought forth in order to make amends.  It was not every day that a destinguished cleric was condemned under false chargers to spend six monthes in a filthy hole!

When the dignified old monk appeared before the king, the king begged his forgiveness and asked what could be done to right the terrible wrong that had befallen Mirathi through his oversight, promising to punish the parties directly responsible for Mirathi's unjust incarceration.  Mirathi replied "Esteemed king, please punish no one.  It was my turn to suffer, and I endured it willingly.  No one suffers anhything except at the hands of the karma that his or her own actions have ineluctably produced."

The king was astonished.  "Why, vunerable sir, what have you done?"

Mirathi explained that in a remote past life he had been a thief who had stolen a baby cow from some villagers.  While escaping from hot pursuit, he had abandoned his stolen cow near and arhat (liberated sage) who was meditating in the forest, and it came about that the enlightened monk was punished for the crime by being chained for six days in a hole.

Mirathi continued, with downcast eyes, "O gracious and just king, as a result of that negative  karmic action, I have endured lifetime after lifetime of misery in the lower realms of existence.  Now, at last, my karma has been fully exhausted, and my sin expaited.  Therefore I have gratitude and respect for you and your subjects."

Bowing low, Mirathi went quietly back to the forest to pursue his spiritual practices in peace.

So think about that from the perception of the observer and see what you come up with.  Reflect on your own life and see what you can come up with.


How We Got Together

Posted on March 26, 2017 at 2:15 AM Comments comments (1721)

Hey everyone I hope all is going well.  I am really excited that my gorgeous soulmate Nigel is joining us on our mission to educate and help people focus on standing in the power of who they truely are.  I have had more than a few requests to write about our first date as it is a hilarious story that many have nearly wet themselves laughing at.  It may bring a smile to your face or it may even make you giggle.  

I'll start from the beginning.  I had spent about eighteen months talking to Nigel and we had the most wonderful conversations about philosophy, and quantum physics, and metaphysics.  At no time did he show any fear even after some of my scary psychic experiences.  He was fascinated.  I thought......this guy is something else. How do I ask him out without asking him out incase he says no?........... Aha!! And I said to him "Hey lets get a coffee sometime"  He said "Absolutely!" So we had a coffee and it was just fantastic.  He then asked me out on a date so I thought........... I'll cook him dinner so I can sus out his emotional states and see if he has a temper or maybe he's a bit self centered ....... you know, that type of thing.  I'm a therapist and have low tolerance for arrogant self centered men in relationships.   I have too much to do.  He wanted to take me out the following Saturday night, but I insisted on cooking so he aggreed, and you was the longest week of my life,  I don't know what happend but I found it so hard to not see him untill the following Saturday.

He turned up on time looking good enough to eat, and he came inside and we had some wine, and I was cooking and talking to him. I was so happy to see him.  When I was ready to serve dinner, I walked around to his side of the table to put food onto his plate and got the surprise of my life!!!!!  There was a very nasty, stenchy smell coming from I don't know where.  I thought "Nooooooo!!!  This can't be happening!!  He's not coming back after this!!!  I very sheepishly said to him " Can you smell that?" As if he couldnt!  He looked at meas if to say really? And said "Yes, I can".  I put down my pot and had a look under the table, and low and behold under the side table was the biggest runniest cat turd I have ever seen.  I could not believe it! Talk about timing!  I was so embarrased!!  I said to him "I'm really sorry about that, we just got our new kitten and she has an upset tummy, I'd better clean it up".   To my total shock and dismay he said to me ........."Give me the stuff and I'll clean it up."  That was it, I thought.  He doesnt want me serving his food after cleaning up cat poop.  OMG!! He"s gonna run.  So he insisted, and I continued serving while, yep, he cleaned up the slimey, smelly, kitten calling card.  What a legend!!

When he had finished it was like my wonderful Virgo Mother had miraculously teleported over, cleaned it up, and teleported home.  I was so impressed!!  I still thought........... it could go either way.   So we carried on with dinner and conversaion, and finished our wine and before we knew it, it was 7am and he had to go to work.  We had been up all night talking!!  Then he came back straight after work and we continued talking until we fell asleep.   I look forward to all of the conversations we will have, and the adventures we will have together, forever.

Melchizedek Method

Posted on November 6, 2016 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (9188)

I've been teaching a lot of Melchizedek Method courses.  It is so wonderful how different everyone is.  Some are very psychic and all about the Angels and others are very much about what is happening in the silence of our reality.  You don't have to be psychic to do these courses because they saftely open your psychic centres and plug you into total protection (unless you choose to use drugs), and give you a huge tool box of techniques you can practically use in you life for healing, and psychic development, and philosophy and so much more. Some are not at all psychicly in tune and it totally changes their frequency and their lives anyway!

Every person that does these courses say's to me "I had no idea it was this.  I did not know what to expect and I am totally amazed and can't wait to do the next level."  I feel so incredibly lucky that I got to learn from Alton and be qualified as a teacher.  When I did level one I went from being at the mercy of anything around me, to having the tools to be able to defend myself and take my power back.  So profound for me. 

Not meaning to freak anyone out, but one of the constant things I had going on was that certain entities would always try to push me out and take my body.  First time I was 12 years old.  This went on and on until the weekend after I did level one.  I was laying in bed asleep, and my son was laying beside me.  He was also asleep.  I zoomed out of my body and stood on Daymond's side of the bed looking at him and me asleep.  All of a sudden I heard  laughing, and there was a grey male entity that looked like he was moving liquid steel but in human form, standing at the end of the bed.  He said to me "that body is mine!"  I said  to him "no its not you are wasting my time.  It's mine and I'm keeping it.  Leave now!"

To my total surprise he was gone.  And I felt no fear what so ever.  My internals were all totally calm and I felt strong, like he was actually wasting my time and had to go.  That was the first time I felt no fear at all.  I was thirty years old.  About time!!  I went from that happening often from the age of 12 to finally nothing after that from 30 years old.  I was totally blown away and new that I needed to teach this to as many as were willing to learn.  I am so proud of my students, and will continue to keep teaching until I'm old and rickety, and then will still probably teach then. 

Enjoy your life!!


Posted on July 31, 2016 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (1120)

I was having a chat with one of my Melchizedeks who was saying that her baby was sick so she thought intended a healing hologram to do it's thing.  She said that all of a sudden, a large hologram appeared above her baby.  Then two long arms came out of it and one small hologram appeared on the end of each arm.  Then they slowly started swinging long ways through the baby's body in different directions, crossing at the heart chakra, picking up speed.  What an amazing healing process for her baby.  When it had finished, it all disappeared.  Very cool.  The holograms know what to do.  All we have to do is tell them what we want/need.

When you do the Melchizedek Method Courses you are given the basic solid foundations of healing, metaphysics, quantum physics and more, and you are tuned in to your own abilities with total protection.  But it is only the beginning.  The holograms show and teach you so much more than you can imagine once the courses are finished.  They are incredibly versatile and completely effective. 

Another of my Melchizedeks was having haunting problems with spooks that would do things to her in her sleep.  Her poor husband was not a happy man.  He had to watch this every night.  Instead of me taking care of it she decided to to Level One and Two Combined so she could have the power to look after herself and her family, instead of relying on someone to do the job for her.  She came and did the very first day of the course and it all  completely stopped.  Big Relief for her and her much happier husband.  Definately very cool stuff.



Posted on March 6, 2016 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (2583)

Today Nigel, Will and I (Nigel my partner and his totally stunning son Will) went to One Tree Hill to the Kids day at the Stardome. We sat down and got our seats for the planetarium show.

As I sat there a little old lady with a walking stick shuffled in so I got up and helped her to sit down and get comfy. She said to me "oooh thank you dear, I'm 92 years old and I feel like the end has come!" Just like that.

I said "I am actually a Clairvoyant Psychic and I can tell you there's no such thing. She looked me straight in the eye and said "I was obviously meant to meet you." I said "obviously" I touched her on the shoulder and said "only this switches of when you leave it.  Then you can go anywhere you like and do anything you want to." I explained what would happen to her when she detached from her body, where she could go, what she could do, who would do the meet and greet, and the party involved.

She had a grin on her face from ear to ear and said "Thank you very much, that was exactly what I needed.  I was so frightened!" I said to her "don't be frightened, get excited.  You are in for a nice surprise."

We watched the show which was totally awesome and gave me motion sickness (I had to close my eyes for most of it), and afterwards I helped her up, passed her her stick and she went on her way with a spring in her shuffle and a glint in her eye. What a little honey!



Posted on March 4, 2016 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (1349)

We all have a standard human forms yet we are so different. My experience has been that the soul is the electricity that turns on the physical form (we call that life) and when it leaves the body switches off (what we call death).


So whatever reality we enter into is the one we are focused on. Many different theories on multiple realities etc but i want to talk about the one you have consciousness of RIGHT NOW. This one. When i was 19 years old I was driving my black 1965 Hillman Minx up murphys bush road when I had a vision. They showed me a huge bubble. That represented my reality. It looked like a forest. Then one by one small bubbles appeared and within each of those was a different person. My mother in one, my father in another. My friends had a bubble each, and so did people i worked with and so on and so on.  There was even on for my dog!


As i looked at each one, they showed me the different people 'I WAS' when i was with them. I acted very different with my mother than with my best friend, and different again with my boss, and different again with my work mates. and so on and so on. I was expected to be a certain person with each one and complied willingly in every case. I was pretty shocked. I was not being my authentic self because it was not acceptable. I was expected to be what they wanted me to be to fit into THEIR worlds. They would say thing's to me like don't talk about that weird stuff just be normal. And you are a freak, stop talking! I could see energy control dramas and their dead relatives and friends, and had to shut up and stay quiet even though they had messages for them. I had learnt how to shut up and not speak my truth. Infact i learnt to stop feeling and speaking, and just existed. i existed in a reality i could not make any sense of. What is all of this for. Why do I exist? What is the point if death is all there is at the end. I was living my life according to what was expected by family, friends, society and my programming, which was deeply in conflict with itself. What my dead peeps told me was in direct conflict with what my living peeps told me. Awesome!! So what is the truth and who am i……. really?


Worlds Within Worlds it what i called it. That was when i knew i had to be myself and see who my real peeps were. As you can imagine when i stopped fitting into other peoples comfort zones i released a lot of controlling people i thought were my friends. Family are always an interesting challenge and believe me i was a challenge to my poor Virgo mother! LOL I soooo gave her her grey hair!!! I was 27 when i morphed from her strange daughter to her special daughter. Got there in the end.

Hugs and Kisses


Entity Attacks

Posted on March 1, 2015 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (633)


This is a young man who is having some pretty nasty entity problems. I decided to put this on my blog so everyone can use theses Melchizedek techniques because they work. You can claim back your power. We are in the physical body on this physical Earth and we DOOOOO have the power. They like to make us think we don't. These nasty blighters use our own fear to control us. You can definitely demand they leave, but be careful doing that as you may make them or it, someone else’s problem. That is not cool. I am of course there with him and using this as an exercise for his to learn by so he can stand in his power.

When I teach, you will be ready for anything. A force to be reckoned with. I had a student once say to me "In other classes I've done, we meditated for 20 minutes and the teacher got us ready, so we could be relaxed and focused" I said " Picture you are at a party, you see an entity, and he knows you see him. He's going to look at his watch and say "That’s ok; I am happy to wait 20 minutes so you can meditate and be nice and relaxed then be ready to take me on." Probably not going to happen. It will jump on you as soon as it has been discovered, just in case you do try to send it away. I love practical appliable techniques.

Hi Billy

What I can see is that these entities are opportunists only which means there are no contracts and no actual reason for them to be there.

Can you Google "the Hologram of Love" images and print some off and put them on the windows in the rooms the attacks happen. These are vibrational and will raise the frequency of the room they are in. Visualise yourself inside six of them and when you do it, you must thought intent (as in stating your intention) each one as follows:

"First Hologram around me now for protection, thought intent activate" and do a little puff from your mouth which is conscious connected breathing. You must do the little puff so it will solidify in the space around you. Imagine and know it is around you.

"Second Hologram around me now for protection, thought intent activate" and do a little puff from your mouth which is conscious connected breathing. Imagine and know it is around you.

Keep going until you have six of them around you and each other. You can programme them for whatever you like, say.....healing a specific problem, removing a negative thought, to increase a specific emotion or mood, obviously protection - that type of thing.

You can also thought intent a couple of holograms around the entities and spin them up to the God Source or back to their place of origin never to return to this earth plain. Just make sure you say:

"Holograms around all entities in this room (or house, boat, car, property etc), nothing in or out, thought intent activate" PUFF then say "Spin them up to the god source (or "place of origin where they cannot return back to this Earth Plane") thought intent activate" and do the puff, and it will be done.

Nothing in or out means they cannot attack you or escape, and you cannot hurt them either. Always stay in wisdom and integrity. Coming from ego (anger or revenge etc) will only create karma for you. You must be the grown up!

You are very psychic and because you are not in control of your abilities you are open to anything that wants to play with you - good or bad. Because of the nature of your attacks, you must protect yourself every day and night. This is one of the many techniques from the Melchizedek Method and if you focus your will, it will absolutely work.

You are definitely an Empath so you also need to imagine that you are standing in a beautiful place and Arch Angel Michael is standing in front of you with his sword out. He lifts it and slices down each side of you, front and back of you repeatedly as he severs all connections where people and entities have plugged into you and are feeding off you. Michael then will shake your hand and give you any messages and carry on with his work. Personally I have never experienced Michael as anything but Action Man with a great sense of humour.

You know when you are being fed off because you will be tired after speaking to someone in person or even over the phone. I don't mind when elderly people do it as they need it and I can make some more, but I will still have a certain cut off point. I need my energy myself.

Let me know how you get on and let me know if you need anything else!

Have a great day everyone and take care!!






Posted on February 26, 2015 at 5:40 AM Comments comments (1060)

This experience happened back in 1999 when I did The Melchizedek Method Level One for the second time.  This is before levels one and two were combined into one course.  I arrive happy and excited, find myself a spot and get ready! 

The first meditation starts (Activating your Chakras with the Natural Time Encoding of 13:20:33 with the Triple Hologram of Love ) and as I close my eyes, all I can see is that I am sitting on a chair with a Flower of Life Hologram around me, as if I am in a chamber. I can hear the words of the meditation but cannot do what Alton was saying. I literally just sit in a chair waiting. I am quite bored and wonder what the heck I’m waiting for.


We have a break and a chat and move onto the next meditation. The Three Breath Triple Hologram of Love Merkaba Technique. Again I close my eyes and all I can see are the walls of the Hologram which is now slowly spinning. The wooden chair I am sitting on, is the sort you would sit on in a waiting room.


All of a sudden a young man abruptly walks through a door that appears out of nowhere. He is wearing a very nice grey designer suit with a white shirt and is clearly very organised and in a hurry. He walks over to me, shakes my hand, looks me straight in the eye and says “Welcome, they won’t be long so just try to relax”.


I try to speak to ask who are “they” and see me after “what” but as soon as he finishes talking he turns straight around and goes back out the door and it’s just me and my chair again. Now Im thinking - what the?!!!!


So that meditation finishes and we move on with the workbook and the next meditation which is Accessing the Time Space Continuum with the Individual Spheres of the Hologram of Love. We begin the meditation and I close my eyes and I’m still in my chair waiting. A door appears on the right-hand side of the Hologram (I’ll call the IN door) and a man walks through followed by five Monks swinging incense pots on the end of a chain, with smoke coming out of each of them. My chair zooms into the middle of the Hologram and they walk around me chanting and swinging the incense. It’s all very nice and comfortable and I sit and watch for the duration of the meditation.


We move onto the next meditation - Activating the Pineal through the Eye of Horus with the Original Ancient and Sacred Languages of Egyptian, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Tibetan and Chinese. I close my eyes and I am still in my chair and the Monks are still walking around me. Then a door appears on the opposite side of the hologram (the OUT door) and as they walk out through it and I am suddenly laying on a table.


Three different Monks come in with my first five Monks, again swinging their incense and chanting walking around the table in a circle. I can feel the energy start to increase at this point and get a bit hot. In walk two men in suits to assess the situation and check me (no one is telling me anything) and out they go again. Monks are still walking around me and I’m feeling a bit woozy now.


The meditation ends and I sit up and we have a break. I am feeling quite strange as if reality is starting to shift, and make a big effort to appear normal to the rest of the class.


The next meditation is the Receiving of the Ankh and the Halls of Amenti meditation. I’m nice and comfy and low and behold I’m finally doing the meditation. I’m thinking ‘great’ they have finished, I can finally meditate! In I go through those huge doors, and im walking around the gardens of the Karmic Lords getting ready to meet them and have a chat. I look over to my right and see three tables. One has two of the Karmic Lords sitting staring at me, then there is a smaller raised table right beside that in the middle with one lord sitting there, and another beside that one lower down with another two Lords. They all look very nice and gentle but have a firm look on their faces as if they are on a mission. The one higher up in the middle is smiling and calls me over and I stand in front of them feeling quite excited and rather good. An empty bowl appears on the table of the 1st Lord to my left and he hands it to me. It is small and wooden and looks handmade from a tree branch. He then has another bowl which contains what looks like black syrup. He has a very long teaspoon with a hooked end on it which he dips into the black syrup and offers it to me. I hold out my bowl and he puts 1tsp worth into my bowl. Each one does the same as I move on down the line. I’m looking at this stuff thinking, don’t tell me they want me to drink it??!!


I stand back and the middle Lord lifts his had to his mouth for me to drink it. I look at it and think is he kidding? I have to actually drink this? Really? So I put it to my mouth and drink it down. It is not pleasant. It is like drinking slime. All of a sudden I zoom back and they all disappear. I drop the cup and look down to see a huge snakes body coiled around my feet. I’m talking massive. I feel some definite panic coming on as I look up following the body to see six small Chinese dragons heads attached to it, one above the other, and one massive head about the size of my house at the very top swaying back and forth. It is staring right at me like its going to eat me for lunch. I can feel myself going into a trance like state as I watch this thing swaying and moving.


Then all of a sudden like lightening this dragon-snake fly’s around me and goes down through my Crown Chakra, coming out of my Base Chakra. It spins around and shoots back up my Base Chakra and out of my Crown and it is gone. It is split second and im standing there going “what just happened??” Then a pink back pack appears on my back and I am suddenly back in the garden standing there, looking around, trying to get my bearings. I spend the rest of the meditation sitting under a tree feeling very weird.


The meditation ends and I am sitting up feeling quite out of it when start to feel sick, and know I have to get outside fast. I run for the door to the deck and it is stuck, so im beginning to panic and at this stage I’m also feeling very dizzy and very strange. Another student jumps up and opens it for me. I run outside and rip off my shoes and socks and put my feet on the Earth. It takes me about ten minutes to re balance myself, get my breath back and calm down.


The rest of the course was fantastic. Psychically speaking everything was stepped up a quite a few notches and it was awesome. It definitely changed my perception on reality as I could see a lot more through the 3D veil, and got introduced to some new teachers in spirit.

More detail and explanation will be in my book as this is already quite long. 

Have a great day and I shall now start mine with some Led Zeplin and lovely cup of lemon balm tea.


Magical Pumpkins!

Posted on January 22, 2015 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (2003)

Happy New Year and I hope all is well! If it not then I hope you rise to your challenges so you can move on from them and create what you want instead of what your habits dictate in your life!


I had such an interesting year last year. Even for all of the non-physical experiences I have had my whole life, I am still a huge skeptic on a lot of things until I have some sort of proof. I am not the best at believing just anything because someone said so.


Magic is what I am learning about now. Never really bothered with it and new I have had past lives of using it but wasn’t that interested. I don’t consider psychic work magic.


I was sitting at my computer about 7 months ago, when I zoned out, and had a vision. Energy came up from the ground, down from the sky, and from all around me. It came into my body and I used my hands to direct it and my mind to send it to where it needed to go.


I flashed back in and felt it really strongly in my body, grabbed a pen and paper and wrote it down. (I have a life time of bits of paper every where in my cupboards, files, draws, and even in my car!) So they gave me undeniable proof. Very buzzy!!


I read a couple of books by Scott Cunningham which were good reading. Very sensible. Then only a couple of weeks ago I was out in my garden and noticed that every baby pumpkin on my plant was rotting off and dying. I’m talking heaps and every single one rotting off. I felt frustrated so I kneeled down and put my hands over the base of the plant by the roots, and said “come on you lot up there give me something to help this awesome plant grow its crop.”


Then without even thinking some weird words came out of my mouth. I repeated them three times and I felt a massive rush of energy come into my body and go through my hands,directly into the roots of the plants. I was buzzing with very peaceful and calm energy. I then rushed inside and wrote it down on a piece of paper.


I let it go and carried on as usual. I am afraid that I do everything fast. My life is really busy and I don’t stop. I even wake up all hours of the night and check on people and jobs I’m doing. As I watered my garden over the next few days I did not notice anything different at all. (Not very present was I?!)


Six days later an excited voice in my head told me to go and check the pumpkin plant. I went outside to my garden, opened the gate, and walked to the other end where my pumpkin plant lives. As I got closer I noticed a big pumpkin about the size of a rock melon and I counted another five all different sizes. I nearly fell over! I yelled out to my daughter to come and have a look, and she couldn’t believe it! I made sure I had a witness because I still am a bit skeptical.


I just now yelled out to my daughter (12 years old) and my niece (11 years old)who has come to play, we went out to the garden and had a look and to our utter surprise there are three larger than a rugby ball and we counted another 3 that are smaller but growing. I have not used any plant food, compost or anything and I water at the roots every second morning. My niece immediately chose her pumpkin and was most impressed. So cute!!


My assessment at this point is that for six weeks I had nothing but rotting baby pumpkins. Very frustrating. I chant over the base of the plant and 6 days later I have pumpkins growing. Two weeks later they are huge and still more babies are growing. Could be coincidence. I have grown pumpkins before, but never this fast. I could be crazy, we shall see!


The Power of Thought

Posted on September 3, 2014 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (1712)



This is not one of those lovely, fluffy, spiritual stories where the heavens open and the rays of light shine down, and the angels sing.......


This is the very first time I discovered the power of thought.


As a child my hands were covered in warts. They were gross. We are talking single one's, cluster's of 7 or eight all in one spot, big ones, tiny ones, medium sized ones, and on last count more than seventy. They were only on the palm's, the inside's of the fingers and thumb, and on the side's, but nothing on the tops.


Back in the day I never got bullied or anything, in fact none of my friends really noticed, but I certainly did. Maraetai school at the time had about 80 students and four five classrooms all up, from 5years old up to intermediate.


I got a bit worried about going to college the following year with my hands like this and it was already December so I needed to do something fast! I had a chat to my Dad. He said "When I was your age I had exactly the same thing. What I did was every morning and every night I looked at my hands and spoke to my warts and told them they were not welcome on my hands or anywhere on me and had to go back to where they came from which was nowhere!"


I thought WOW! Sounds like a go!


He then said "Tell them they are not a part of you and have no choice but to go, and have to be gone back to their place of origin before school starts in Februrary. Then sit and imagine and really feel as if they are no longer on your hands."


That day I started and every morning and every night I talked to the little suckers and was firm and demanded they go, and imagined my hands free of warts and felt the relief of them not being there. Boy did I have the desire! I went through christmas, even christmas morning I was telling off my warts, kept it up every day and night, we went camping and still I kept it up, I was determined.


Then one day I remember so was a week before college started......I looked down at my hands to tell off those little invaders......and as if by magic........they were gone. Not one. Not even a trace. Not a mark, not a lump, nothing. I showed my dad and he was chuffed!


So without any of the horrible creams or the lovely burning off process - NOT - at 12 years old I achieved something that I thought was pretty cool and a great relief before starting college. Pat on the back for Dad!!