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Robyn Goulder

      Clairvoyant & Psychic Medium 



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Kids Rock!!

Posted on July 25, 2014 at 11:55 PM Comments comments (203)

A couple of years ago I got a phone call from a lovely lady who was having problems with a ghost harrassing one of her small sons.  I went over to her home and found a man who was visiting the boy, but was not nasty.  The mum as it turned out was and is very psychic so I taught her how to send him over and she did a spot on job. The gorgeous little man was too young to learn.

Then about a year later she called me again to say her other older son was now having trouble and something was in his wardrobe.  He was quite frightened so I went out again and showed him a picture of the Hologram of Love, and we had a lot of fun while he used his own imagination to put one around himself for protection, and one around the entity in his wardrobe which he spun off to the god source like a basket ball going into a hoop.  Guess what......... he did a spot on job!

I left a picture of one for him and he stuck it onto his window.  It is excellent protection (as symbolism it eminates a very high frequency) and he could use the visual for any future occurances, and so could his mum.

Then the family decided to go travelling around NZ to see what's really happening out there and get some freedom.  From time to time I hear from them and recently the mum came over and bought her older son who was having a few troubles with ghosts and some unwanted entities.  She decided to do the Melchizedek Method because there is constant activity around her kids and it puts her in a much better position to handle what goes on.  I asked her to bring her son so we could plug him into the Melchizedek Method which would give him the upper hand also.  She agreed.

They arrived and in walked a now seven year old little man who was just heaven on legs.  What a honey.  He said they were in a forest area and he got frightened because the people (ghosts) were in the trees looking at him and then they came down beside him. We had a talk about it and how to handle it if it happens again, and then his mum told me about some black figures that had been hanging around at night visiting him while everyone slept. 

So this is a very very psychic kid and what can happen is that these entities (not from around here) will try to get in first to either switch off the abilities so as he gets older he is not a threat, or try to take possession of the soul before he is old enough to know any better.  That I did not mention for obvious reasons.  I love to draw and paint dragons and castles etc, so I pulled out some of my drawing stuff and set him up on the floor of my office.  His mum was on the chair ready to start the first couple of Melchizedek Method meditations and he sat with her for the first one, and drew for the second.  Even though he was not meditating it all goes in.

During the second one I was putting the kettle on in the kitchen when all of a sudden I saw a black figure so I closed my eyes for a good clear picture of it and he tried to intimidate me and place possession on the child.  It was very interesting.  I told him the boy is now under my protection and the protection of the Melchizedek order so he was to take his kind and go back to his masters and tell them he was off limits to any ownership and that included all family members.  Into a hologram he went (just to help him along) and I blew him out of my house and programmed the hologram to take him back to his place of origin.

I went back into my office and was discussing the mums experience of the meditations she had just done and she said "It was really weird because in the second meditation I kept seeing a dark figure, then light, dark then light, over and over until it went.  She said what was that?  I explained what I saw, and from what she saw she had confirmation it was real and he was seeing those figures. 

You never know what's around the corner.  Always best to expect the unexpected and go with the flow.  It's late and I'm going to bed!!  See you tomorrow night little brother for a glass of your fantastic home brew.

Have fun!

Entity Attachment

Posted on May 5, 2014 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (112)

Hey-ho howz it all going? 

I feel the need to talk about entities that trick us into trusting them when they are not from the place they say they are from.  I get a number of clients that have entity attachments that have started out nice and fluffy, and eventually turn to custard.

What you absolutely must do is throw in some good old fashioned logic.  If it feels heavy or appears dark to your eyes or mind, then don’t believe it. If there is any question, or no question at all, still check.  They are master manipulators, and can even pretend to be someone you know/trusted when they were alive. 

You must always put your protection around you no matter what, and always state “I will receive only entities of the highest frequency!”  Remember that this is your realm, and you have the power.  They can scare you to try to achieve submission or they can lull you into a false sense of security and suck you in that way.   Stand your ground and they have no choice.  Never give in to fear.  Fear is a choice only.  And for goodness sake DO NOT challenge them!  When you do that, they’ve got ya. 

I had a call from a wife, who woke up to her husband yelling in his sleep at something.  This lady is quite psychic and could see an entity in the room.  She was not happy!  He had been out somewhere that day, come across this entity who was a rat bag, his ego did the testosterone dance, and when the entity challenged him, he challenged back.  This thing then attached itself to one of his chakras, and he was being fed off.  It is not rocket science.  He knew better as he is very psychic himself, and has done this before.  Time to be the grown up, and stop acting like a child. 

My son got me out of bed at 12:15 on a Friday night about three weeks ago to say that a warlock was floating above him when he woke up, it was doing something to him.  It stayed for about ten seconds then went through the wall.  He said it looked like he did not expect him to wake up.  I asked him if he felt frightened or uncomfortable with this entity floating there.  (I go straight into teacher mode to make him focus and snap out of the fear).  He said it did not feel too bad, just gave him a fright and freaked him out a bit.  He used his super power balls (MM Level 4 tools), to put up his protection and ran up to me.  Definitely well done!

He said it was quite cool, so I gave him a lecture on how very uncool it was and that we do not want warlocks near us.  Warlocks are ‘definitely’ of the lower frequency variety and a few people in the last six months have come to me with this type of specific entity around them. 

I have always made my kids deal with what they see, so they can handle themselves if I am not around.  As a baby my son always had ghost children playing with him to the point that I would have to ask them to leave his room so he could go to sleep.  They were quite lovely and only ever nice. 

At eleven he had a man that would heavy breathe in his ear when he went to bed, and I instructed him on how to help the man and get him over, and he did an excellent job.   Over the years there have been all sorts of situations that he has done well in.  You have to be chilled to live in my house.  I recently had an ornament that kept turning around by itself that freaked out my daughter, so I had to put it into the china cabinet.  I was most amused, she was not impressed!

I have some friends who have passed away over the years and they do silly things to have me on, and have a laugh, when they pop in to say hi.  All in good fun!

Anyway, I’m starving, so have fun and be wise!!!!!  I dare you!!!!


Posted on March 27, 2014 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (195)

Hi Guys

Thanks for all of the feedback about the Transfiguration Technique.  The hysterical laughing side effect does make it a lot fun and helps it flow when you can control yourself and refocus.  When you are doing this type of work it is very important to bring yourself to a calm space, relax and think of something that makes you feel really good.  This will put you into a high frequency so it is easy to plug into the energy of what you wish to achieve.


Get a clear picture in your mind of what you are doing and then just relax and let it flow.  Psychometry is another really good way to get your psychic centres running well as long as you have your own protection around you and make sure that when you finish you disconnect properly and rebalance yourself.  A while back I did a reading for someone and two people came through that had died of head injuries.  That's a two for one big time!  Part of the healing work I do is that the dearly departed release onto me any left over residue from when they die.  This releases them from anything they are hanging onto so they can get on with it.  Fine with me.  I've got it so I do it. 

Anyway, so they both released onto me and the next day I was in hospital with a suspected brain problem and they found nothing and I went home.  I thought I had got it all.  Yay for the good old double check! 

So with psychometry you put up your protection and hold a piece of jewellery or something that contains the persons energy.  Something sitting on a shelf in the wash house will not make the grade.  Take your item of choice and hold it in your hand.  Imagine it sinking into your hand, and then feel it as though it is a part of you.  It will feel as if you are holding nothing after a short time.  Then just as you may feel your tummy gurgling or your feet inside your shoe, focus on what your hand feels like, then relax and let the energy travel up your arm and into your body and feel the emotions and look at any images that are presented to you.  My students practice this every lesson to learn to develop and trust their intuition. 

Be patient and have fun with it.  Anything fun is more easily learnt.  Anger and frustration are low frequency emotions and will only make it harder for you to achieve your goals.  When you have finished and need to disconnect from the person I have a lovely technique that works really well where you put a flat sheet of white light above your head (about 4 meters round) and slowly pull it down over your head and down your body until it is about three feet below the floor - or your feet if you are sitting or lying.  Then pull it back up slowly, then go side to side. 

For those who are visual you will see it stop and go up and down on certain areas then move on, and this is because it is cleansing your aura, meridians,  chakras and anything else that can be cleansed.  For those who feel, it can be quite tingly.  You will be disconnected from anyone living or not, and you will retain your own energy as you should.  Use it anytime you feel someone or something has plugged into you, or if you feel tired and sick.

Melchizedeks can have fun with this too and ofcourse spin your holograms to disconnect, recharge, and cleanse past, present, and parents.

Have Fun!!


Posted on March 19, 2014 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (267)


Well its 4am, lovely and calm, no traffic hum, and all I can hear are the cicadas and the crickets while I drink my yummy peppermint tea. 

This is a fun technique I teach to all of my students.  When I learnt it many years ago it was called Transfiguration but is not what you will find on any search engine.  I know... I had a look.  It is really safe to do and is just a basic and fun exercise.  Remember to let your imagination go and relax into it.

It is used to go back into past lives and is really easy to achieve.  Even those with a belief of not being at all psychic get blown out of the water with this one.  It is really great for developing your psychic centers.

So, with this technique you will need a partner to sit opposite.  Put your protection up around you.  Touch knees to connect physically and imagine a white ball of light in your heart.  Send a shaft of light to your partner and direct it into their heart which will automatically plug into their past life filing system. 

Stare into the right eye of your partner (window to the soul) and their face will start to blur out and change.  This is looking with eyes open and the change is physically in front of you.  Take your time as this is not a fast technique. When you first do this you may see nothing and start laughing hysterically.  A common side effect.  Or you might blur out and see a large mans ear on the side of your tiny girlfriends head, or the eye only might change.  Practice will increase the vision range/change.  If you get a fright, that’s fine and quite common, so just refocus and do it again.  Anytime you loose focus just start again.

Eventually your partners face will morph completely into another face and can be either male or female remembering that the physical body can be either in whatever life time.  What you are seeing is who this person has been to you in a past life. 

Sometimes the faces will change quickly and you’ll get a lot of them flashing past, so ask to slow it down and be shown a face that has some significance to this life time for either you or them.

Then close your eyes, imagine this face and them standing in front of you.  Come to a calm space and start asking questions.  Any questions.  What year is this?  Are they mother, father, sister, brother, partner, friend or foe?  Is there a message for this person?  What country is this? And anything you like. 

Remember that your mind loves to stop you from doing anything new and out of your comfort zones, or what may challenge your already formed belief systems.  Laughing is a diversion, as is watering eyes, blinking, sometimes burning eyes, anger, itchy nose, doubt, and whatever your mind can use to stop you.  Just relax and have fun.  You will need to practice it to perfect it.  No quick fixes here baby!  Let me know how you get on or if you have any questions!  Go hard!!

Time for paperwork and I think I feel some Linkin Park coming on........quietly ofcourse......Enjoy!

How Do I Talk to a Ghost?

Posted on January 15, 2014 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (79)

Happy New Year!!

I don't know about you but mine started very busy and in my office.  New Years day I had clients.  Love every second!!

So down to business, as per my last Blog, this is basically what I ask to work out who or what the entity at hand is that you are dealing with. You can do this whether you are Melchizedek or not.

First put yourself and your client into protection.  Then I want to know if it is a friend or foe.  It could be a passed over mate, family member, and even commonly a baby that was miscarried or aborted, so I ll ask if there is a message (and will pass it on), a problem, or if they are stressed about going. 

If there is a problem then we will help to  resolve it or if they are stressed about going I explain to them that they are going to the place they came from before being born.  I call it home.  I make it very clear that they absolutely will be totally fine and their relatives and passed friends will meet them.  They will be welcomed with a party and anything they need to adjust to their new body. Some need more convincing than others.  I prefer not to force anyone but will if I have to. And yes I do mean a party! You can also call on someone to come and take them over which can be helpful in calming them down if they’re freaking out about going.  Just say “Can someone Joe already knows please come to take Joe home as he is needing help.” Or whatever you like. 

Some people pass with no particular beliefs and unfortunately a common one is that once your dead your dead.  Total rubbish.  I have spoken to sooo many spirits that they all can't be wrong.  They all have the same attitudes and ideas and are the same people, just without a solid physical form, and amazingly the same stories on where to go and what to do.  Not rocket science is it.  Nothing is mystical.  It is all logical. 

Also remembering we are in the free will zone, so if they believe you are going to hell, then their mind will create one for them to work through before they go home.  You can pull them out of that if you know how and get them over, but that’s heavier work.  Not for the beginner.  An excellent movie to give you an idea on that is "What Dreams May Come" with Robyn Williams in it.  Then you'll get your party!! 

So again use your imagination and imagine a tunnel up into the sky or a bright light in front of you and help them out by imagining they are going into the light or floating up a tunnel and going through a doorway at the other end.  If they are fighting you then put them into a vehicle of your choice and watch it go.  You will need to focus your thoughts and make it go, and know that it has gone.  This may take some practice.  Thought is creative in every way.  Use your imagination

Unless you are experienced in doing this then leave the ‘Dark Stuff’ until you know what you are doing.  If the person is haunted then find someone who is experienced to deal with the situation and watch them and learn.  Gung Ho will get you attacked and can really open up a can of worms so pull your head in and know what you are doing first.  Research it and do it fast because the internet is close to being policed and a lot of info will be gone.  The powers that control this society get very antsy when we think for ourselves and knowledge is power. 

‘Dark Stuff’ is things like shadowy dark figures sometimes with red eyes we call a Wraith and this is a passed soul that has become very very negative and nasty.  We have Lower Astral Entities which cruise around here and some have jobs and some are brats (I send them back to their point of origin so I can close the door after them and lock it down).  They don’t necessarily look like people either.  They could be weird little mutated animal’s running around your feet messing with the electrical system around your body making you feel weird like something is crawling all over you.  What western religions class as a demon can be a Wraith or an entity from the lower realms.   Then to really spice up the zucchini there are all sorts that come from other dimensions and other realities that have access to this place so please know what you are doing before you try anything. 

Right, I need food!!

Entity Removals

Posted on December 12, 2013 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (298)

Hi how’s your week been? Mine has been awesome, can’t complain. I have a technique for the Melchezedek’s to use when it is called for.


This is for doing Entity/Spirit removals on people. First put your protection up and drop your ego. Call in the big guys if you feel you need to - don’t be a hero. I generally don’t, unless I find myself in the crap. Then its “Right, you lot get your buts down here and show me what to do!!!”


Sit the person down, tell them that if they feel any fear or negative emotions it is 'not' theirs.

Then put two orbitals, or two powerballs, or two super powerballs around the person (whatever your level is). You might say “I now command two super power balls to go around Joe and attached entities , nothing in and nothing out, thought intent activate” (puff). Then Joe might panic a bit because the entities will realise that they are in it up to their necks with such a high frequency tool.


Then you say “Super power balls spin infinity time’s god speed, unplug Joe from the entities, thought intent activate” (puff). At this point command the power balls to separate - one containing Joe and the other has the entities/entity in it.   When they are completely separate, have a chat with them, flick it straight up to the God source or over to the astral if they are just needing help.  And remember to thought intend (puff) every command.  The Holograms need to know what to do.


I usually have a conversation with whoever is attached incase they need help, or there is somewhere specific they should go.  I'll go into that conversation in my next blog.


If anger is involved then work out if the entities/disembodied spirit’s negative emotion is coming from fear, talk to them and help them understand that they need to go. Make sure it is not your own fear you are responding to, if you ‘are’ picking up anger from the entity. If they are completely unreasonable then up to the god source is a good place for them. Your call.


NEVER CHALLENGE ANY ENTITY, AT ALL, AT ANYTIME, NO MATTER WHAT, NO EXCUSES!!! If you do..... they’ve got ya. Your screwed. Only EVER take care of business and go home. Be wise. Simple really...... leave your ego outside the door and pick it up on the way out. Need I say any more? Have you got it? Humble pie, baby..... humble pie!!

If "you" go into anger, they have got you.  Don't let them take your heart.


Do not let your ego interfere and get nasty to them. Be more like a parent sorting out a naughty child in a responsible calm way. Like a mature person up would. A lot of parents yell at their kids and act like kids back. Then they wonder why their kids repeat the behaviour. Hmmm...


So then check out Joe and make sure he is balanced and feeling OK. If Joe takes drugs or is a heavy drinker then there is of course a very good chance of new attachments will reattach the next time he is off his face, so prepare for another call from Joe at some stage soon.


If Joe does not touch drugs, is not a heavy drinker, but is very psychic and has no clue how to handle it, then I will teach Joe how to protect himself and explain a few things to him so he can sort it himself next time, or have a dam good go. I do believe in independence. I have anyone’s back as long as they are helping themselves.


Enjoy the lovely weather, I have been in my garden between clients today and I think I will watch ‘The Peaceful Warrior’ again. It’s been a while.


Talk soon!!


Energy Octopus

Posted on November 17, 2013 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (317)

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. It was my little brothers birthday gathering last night and what a lovely night it was! I am completely confidant that there will be a few hangovers today. Talking about sore heads, there is an interesting and commonly used technique that can make your head very sore. It is used by nasty people and entities alike for harassment, energy harvesting, information extraction, to pull out the spine and neck, ownership and a variety of other things.


My very first experience of it came from a person, who was a seventh level black ninja with a large ego, no integrity and a selfish personal agenda. After I had met him, I had been teaching one night when I saw the shadow of a person in my lounge. I watched it move two steps forward and one step back. Two steps forward, then one step back. It moved across my lounge and it just stood there. I looked into my kitchen and saw a group of the White Brotherhood standing there, so I knew something was up. Love those guys!!!!


When I questioned it, it made the same movements and left as I held my door open. The next day I called ninja boy and asked him if he knew anything about it. He freaked and demanded to know who I was and that I could only see that if I was trained to see that, and bla,bla,bla until he asked me if I would join this temple and become a mysitc. Not a chance. I told him to cut the crap. I didn’t need training to see what I can see. He said that’s how they become invisible. They can fog your mind and move in a certain way so that the physical eye cannot perceive them. Sneaky little buggars. These are actual real people, not spirits.


So next we are sitting having a conversation where I refuse to teach him my philosophy because his ego would twist it into something not right to serve his own egotistical purposes........ and off he goes.


Then at three in the morning there is a knock at my door and it is him claiming to have lost his house keys and not wanting to wake up his flat mate. So I let him in, knowing he was up to something, and was curious to see what it was. Well..... we are having a cup of something, when I feel a sensation in my head like someone pouring warm water into it. I asked him what he was doing and he was shocked and said “Nothing” and tried to make small talk. I waited and when he finished he jumped up and said he had to go, and he left. Not obvious at all!!??


The next evening I was teaching, when all of a sudden I had a profound vision of fighting and it was as if I was in his body, looking through his eyes while he was training. I bounced back pretty fast and looked at my very good friend who noticed something was afoot, and she launched in with a distraction for me. I disconnected from him using my Level 2 Orbital Hologram and after everyone had left I sat down, focused, and scanned my body to see a lovely looking ball of energy above my head undulating in all of its glory.  It had tentacle’s made of energy around 3cm in diameter which wrapped around and plugged into my upper chakras. A real charmer.


At this point I had done up to Level 2 Melchizedek Method so I thought intended an Orbital Hologram around it and spun the sucker at infinity times god speed on my head. It took about 30 very uncomfortable seconds and it dislodged the tentacles and flew off hitting the ground then it disappeared. Fascinating. It then felt like I had a large hole in my head so I used another hologram to spin and fill the hole once again with energy to balance my third eye. What a ride!


His intention was information extraction, and I gave him some of the basic stuff in the hope that it might actually help him.


So that was over ten years ago, and since then I have seen them used a lot. I recently saw a huge energy ball above a house and each tentacle was about a foot round and plugged into the torso of every family member. That required a large hologram, one we call the Super Power Ball. It was not from a person here, it was an entity situation.  

Don't go freaking out thinking OMG is their one on me!!!!!????  Odds are there isn't.  It only happens to some people.  


So commonly used by anyone or anything that knows how. You have no idea they are there and all too often because of societies ideals we say, it was weird quick drug me!!! Think about it. I’m just sayin.


Right I have just got a larger desk and my office looks like a bomb has hit it. I can feel some Creedence coming on.....


Who sat on your bed last night?

Posted on November 10, 2013 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (51)

Good morning!! I hope everyone had a great weekend, I certainly did! Thank you to everyone who has sent me messages. I love hearing from you guys, and I love a great ghost story.


It has been my experience thus far, that when your guides and passed family members and friends come to visit you, that they often sit on your bed and send you loving energy and can even have a conversation with you. They can actually send messages to you while you are in a lucid state. If you wake up and know that someone is there then always put up your protection and check the time. The time can be very relevant as this whole reality is based on mathematical equations. Double digits are common such as 12:12 (as with one message I received from a lovely lady), or master numbers such as 11:11, 4:22, or 3:33 etc. The sacred scribe angel numbers site is great for explanations on numbers. Look up any repeating numbers you see, which could be on car number plates, clocks, TV, posters....... anywhere. There is a message for you.

Always put up protection as only the high frequency ones (the good ones) will stay once you have done it. If you are not a Melchizedek then you can still have a look at the hologram of love and imagine you are inside it while it spins around you. No particular direction, and full permission to use your imagination. The keys to doing any of this stuff is in your imagination. Developing your psychic centers and getting control of what is already switched on is all about your imagination.


When we are kids we are told to get our feet on the ground, get your head out of the clouds, you’re a dreamer (like that’s a bad thing???), etc. How many of you do this to your kids now? This blocks us from our intuition and makes us easier to control through fear. Knowledge is defense. So damn well use it!


No matter how good, safe or comfortable you feel, use protection. I use mine constantly. Some of the not so nice ones can pretend to be your dearly departed relative or friend and suck you in so they can plug into you or worse. They can be tricky. As this is our realm (we are in the phystical reality and in the physcial form) we have the power. Through tormenting and scaring us they take away our power and can plug it our chakra system and other body systems. Simply put they can mess with our heads and manipulate our emotions. You can demand they leave and have no power over you, and they do have to go. The trick is standing your ground.


Fear is not a bad thing. I use it to gauge the amount of work I'll need to do. If I turn up somewhere and have a big hit of fear then I know i'll have to focus and be careful working it out, then the fear is gone. Often politics and contracts come into the more intense jobs, so one must tread carefully as some of these off world entities can often have large egos and over inflated self importance.   In these situations I leave my ego at home. It's not a competition. Just take care of business.


A lot of the time when these so called negative ghosts are around, they are simply seeking help. Imagine suddenly not being seen or heard by anyone, and you can't remember what happend or how you got there. That's some scary shit going on. Wouldn't you get frustrated and maybe eventually angry once the fear had passed? You as a person in a physical form may feel their anger or fear and freak out thinking there is an evil spirit around. They need help.  More on that later!


Please keep the messages coming in so I can talk about stuff you want to know about.


Right, now its time to fight gravity so I'm off to the gym!!


Thursday and the ducks are happy!

Posted on November 6, 2013 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (0)

What a lovely rainy day it's been!  Great for my garden and the ducks.

I was thinking about yesterdays entry and although there are things which I have blocked out of my conscious mind, I can clearly remember the very first time I absolutely knew I was not my body.  I was six years old, and I had just got into bed and had not even closed my eyes, when a man that looked like an old time Sailor with long dark messy hair, and a large coat, and long boots, came out of the corner of my room.  He put his face up to mine so I was looking into his eyes and they were scary tormented light blue eyes.   I could see a raging storm in them.  So then the lovely chap went right through me and pushed me out of my body.  Now that was weird!!  I went out of my body seeing the inside of my mattress and went down on an angle because I was still attached at my heels.  I pinged back in and was petrified solid for about five minutes.  When I dared to move all was clear and I hid under the blankets and went to sleep.  

Having a curious nature I assessed the situation as any six year old would. I decided that Mum needed to cuddle me to sleep every night and that if I could leave my body and come back in then clearly I was not my body, and amazingly my body was still fine too!  I had quite a few try and push me out and take my body over the years until I did the Melchizedek Method.  I had one have a go after Level one and it was interesting.  I was asleep in bed and my little boy was asleep beside me.  I zoomed out of my body and stood by my bed, looked at my body and my son asleep, and saw a silver human shaped thing at the end of my bed.  It was laughing saying "your body will be mine!"  I looked at it and said "your wasting my time, it's mine, you can't have it so buggar off!"  After only a couple of minutes it went and I have never had another one.  

On assessing the situation the next morning (as I do), I realised that I had absolutely no fear at all, anywhere in my body or mind at the time, so that lesson was finally achieved.  The Melchezedek Method finally gave me the upper hand. For the first time in my life I had control.

Even though these experiences and many others may have been terrifying at the time, when I look back I see training.  Hard training, that was definately sink or swim - and I sank plenty - but it was good prep for what I do now.  Yay for the choices we make before we come here!!!

I do believe feel some Led Zeppelin coming on.........

Wednedsay, and a lovely day it is!

Posted on November 5, 2013 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (0)

So tell me..... what are you interested in? What do you want to know about? I have to admit that I have a teaching additction as it's all fine and dandy to go and do the job for someone, but what happens when I am not there? Not exactly empowering is it? The best way to stand in your power is with knowledge. But remember, "the Fool gathers knowledge, and the Master(wise man/woman) uses the knowledge" so which are you? We didn't all come back to be psychic you know, and that is very cool. 'Its very cool when the Fool passes the knowledge to the Master too. So is he a fool really? Maybe if his ego won't allow him to share the knowledge, he might be. We are all - each and every one of us - teachers and students, in every aspect of our lives.


As a kid I got my but kicked many times by the unseen so I had to become the latter of the two. Still learning though and always be. I'm not overly keen on the word master, as I have met a lot of people in my time that demand to be called 'Master' and I feel that this should include mastering their egos as they often are quite large. I'm told "it's a sign of respect". That is something that is earned, not demanded of. Just saying.


To me the Master is someone who takes stock of his/her fear and jumps in boots and all and and gives it their best shot. Gotta respect that, especially in this line of work. I meet freaked out people constantly and with a bit of knowledge they step up to the plate. Can only be proud.


It has been my experience so far that nothing is set in concrete. I've had the rules changed on me many times. Just when u think "Yes!!! I've worked it's all blown out of the water and your left with your head spinning thinking "WTF was that??" An example would be, I'm at a workshop with a very knowledgable psychic who makes the statement that when you chanel, the good guys only enter through the back of your neck (throat chakra). We ask "only the good guys?" and he says "yes, only the good guys!"


So its a sunny Sunday afternoon, late 80's, and I'm driving along Murphys Bush Road in my litle black 1965 Hillman Minx with its awesome red leather upholstery. I'm feelin great and all of a sudden my left arm goes numb and weak and there is a hot burning sensation at the back of my neck. I can feel pressure like something trying to force its way into my body. Very weird, but not the first time! I'm thinking this is definately not right! I pull over, get out of my car and do what I can only call an Irish Jig at the side of the road in an attempt to shake the sucker out of me. I use my imagination and fill my body with water like energy and force it back out.


To my relief it worked and so a new belief was formulated. I would nevery set anything in concrete again and would take everything as ideas, and ideas only. It's the best way to stay adaptable and not be suprised by anything. I have many experiences I will share with you but you will have to get your own and find what works for you. I say 'Try everything until something works and don't give up, ever!'


Time for some ACDC!