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Robyn Goulder

      Clairvoyant & Psychic Medium 

Quantum Healing - The Melchizedek Method Level 1&2

Level One and Two Combined

The Melchizedek method combined Level one and two four day practitioner courses teach and practically demonstrate revolutionary new light body activation, holographic healing and age reversal techniques.

First practiced on Earth in the ancient Atlantean times, introduced to man by the Cetaceans (dolphins and whales) within the temples of self-discovery and high learning, the Melchizedek Method techniques were gifted back to Earth in August 1997 by the great ascended Master Thoth through Alton Kamadon.

The basis of all the Melchizedek Method techniques is the activation of the Hologram of Love Merkaba rotating lightfield thereby awakening your spherical consciousness. This raises one’s quotient of light vibration within the human atomic cell structure. Once activated, the healing capabilities of a practitioner are enhanced a hundred-fold. The heart awakens and opens more to unconditional love during healing sessions and continues during your normal life.

The Melchizedek Method establishes a constant flow of love energy from your heart to the source of God, and to the heart center of the Earth. Linking in this way allows you to draw the spiritual energies of God source and Earth together to manifest a high frequency love healing energy that uplifts the human body and etheric bodies into a state of receptivity for healing and rejuvenation. Accessing original thoughtform and emotion is then made possible in this state and completes this powerful experience.

Level 1

The original teachings as presented by the Ascended Master Thoth to Alton Kamadon, Level one is comprised of the basic but extremely powerful ascension techniques that allow us to activate the hologram of Love Merkaba lightbody, thereby leading to the healing, cleansing and rejuvenation of the seven outer bodies, the physical body nervous system, the heart, blood, immune system, chakras, muscles, bone structure, internal organs, eyes, ears, nose, skin, pineal and pituitary glands and much more.

We also learn and work with pulse diagnosis, flow of chi, meridian points, bad habits, abundance consciousness, origins of thoughtforms and emotions, and techniques for body regeneration and age-reversal. Please click on the link below for more information.

Level 2

Level 2 continues on from the completion of Level 1 by introducing advancements of all the techniques previously presented in the Level 1 seminars. We are then introduced to an extraordinary array of masterful wisdom given directly to this earth plane at this time to allow all participants of these workshop/seminars to take yet another quantum leap in their evolution.

Level 2 introduces you to a cosmic thought wave patterning allowing one to perceive and create the incoming fifth dimension reality of divine light and unconditional love. It allows the brain to activate as yet unused chambers within itself allowing a collage of higher wisdom and experience to magnetically manifest before you. The inner sanctum of your mind is opened to allow cosmic consciousness to be experienced. As this occurs the physical body frequency is raised a thousand-fold within your cellular structure. Your heart opens and the cosmic love vibration of unity is experienced.

The blueprint of your creation then becomes more openly accessible allowing perfectedness and balance to be manifest through using extraordinarily powerful new advanced holographic healing techniques.

While Level 2 of the Melchizedek Method is indeed a quantum leap from Level One, both Levels are experience as natural steps in preparation for truespiritual mastership within an ascending consciousness.

The combined level 1 and 2 workshop will include:

• The hologram of love light body activation.

• The new holographic unity conscious mudra.

• Accessing the time-space continuum through the spine.

• Instant holographic chakra balance.

• Holographic bi-location.

• Encoding the five sacred key languages of Egyptian, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Tibetan and Chinese

through the pineal and pituitary glands.

• Activating the ancient Egyptian Ankh through the Zero point in the body.

• Solar Plexus holographic abundance manifesting technique.

• Activating the “orbital” holographic merkaba of love light body.

• Working with the New Platinum ray.

• Activating the eye, seed, egg (E.S.E) of creation through the heart.

• Re-directing the elements to conform to and enhance your reality.

• Opening dimensional doorways to time travel with teleportation

• Amplifying the 33rd degree energies of your Adam Kadmon light body with rotational light colour rays.

• Opening up the ancient seals of wisdom within the great pyramid and the sphinx.

• Cosmic thought wave patterning.

• Deeper into the space time continuum original blueprint access and other new revelations.

• Advanced body computer healing techniques.

• Healing with frequency light/colour beams and silent sound.

• Advanced and enhanced holographic manifesting and age reversal techniques.

• Opening your heart to the full cosmic vibration of unconditional love.

Alton Kamadon

Alton Kamadon was a clairvoyant channel and former founder and editor of the spiritual magazine

Eagles Wings International and has spoken on unconditional love as a guest speaker at the United Nations and was a guest presenter at the 2001 Wesak celebrations at Mt. Shasta. As a spiritual teacher to the Order of Melchizedek he was actively involved in presenting world meditations, healing, counseling and initiations as he constantly traveled the world from his home base in Sydney, Australia, presenting up-to-date information and techniques within workshop seminars. He received “the Melchizedek Method” Level 1 in August 1997 from the Ascended Master Thoth and Level 2 from the Ascended Masters during the transition to the new millennium. Alton constantly received information and worked with the ascended masters, the angelic realms, Lord Sananda. Melchizedek and Sai Baba, and he brings forward into this lifetime memories of his deep connection to the ancient mystery schools of Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. Alton toured the world presenting the latest “Melchizedek Method” workshop/seminars. Based on information he continually received from spirit, he trained practitioners and facilitators in many countries in the hope that the teachings he received would expand and embrace all those who are committed to raising the conscious vibration of humanity. 

Official Website: Please register to have full access to the entire website

Holographic healing with unconditional love is a powerful medium that is the way of the future. The techniques in the Melchizedek Method are unique and unlike any other.

Quote from Thoth

“The Melchizedek Method is much more than a light body activation healing and rejuvenation technique. It is a whole new formula for body health, harmony and spiritual ascension.”


The light beam appeared in the photo after taking it.


I completed Melchizedek Method ! & 2 with Robyn and it was the most amazing experience I have had. The techniques are extremely powerful and I feel so much at peace and protected by the Light of God.

I am looking forward to practicing it daily and completing levels 3 & 4 to deepen my knowledge. 

Robyn is an excellent teacher/guide and has shared some great inspiring stories of her life.

The workshop is fabulous and it takes you on a journey of connecting with your higher self. It is definitely a ladder to enlightenment!  


Congratulations to Yasmin for completeing

Melchizedek Method Level 1&2 Combined.

Congratulations to Jeanette for completing Melchizedek Method Levels 1,2,3 and 4. 


Level 1&2 Combine, 3 and 4

Absolutely loved L1&2 Combined. All I wanted to do was keep listening to the next one and did not want to stop!!

Congratulations to Andrea for completing Melchizedek Method Level !&2 Combined.

Congratulations to Christine for completing Melchizedek Method Level 1&2 Combined. Great course with lots of fun. 


Fabulous. An amazing, powerful experience. Easy to assimilate with profound changes.

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