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Robyn Goulder

      Clairvoyant & Psychic Medium 

Quantum Healing - Melchizedek Method Level 3

The Ascension story so far...

Level Three of the Melchizedek Method can be described as an Initiation into the Kamadon Order of Mastery and the Kamadon Temple of Higher Learning, knowledge and wisdom of unconditional Love of God through the new Unity Merkabah of Love.

There are many levels of higher vibration within the Melchizedek Order of Mastery, and Kamadon is one of those higher orders of mastership.

Kamadon is now available to those that wish to enter. Its wisdom is the Melchizedek Method. The Unity Merkabah teachings of Level Three are an encodement to enter into its highest levels.

The Kamadon Light Temple of Unconditional Love shall be drawn to Earth through the unified teachings of love as set out in Level Three of the Melchizedek Method. Those ones who wish to partake of all three levels of this ancient/new wisdom shall regard themselves as Kamadon Masters whose sole purpose is to embrace the greater plan of good for this planet, its people and this Universe. That plan is manifesting the unity of love within divine light of service to our fellow man and women, therefore serving ourselves and God.

The Workshop Seminar

Each day of the Level Three workshop/seminar will be unique. It will begin with the teaching of the new Unity Merkabah, a natural progression from the level two Orbital Merkabah. We will then embrace many of the Level One and Two techniques together with the Unity Merkabah which is a powerful experience indeed.

We will constantly work with the 33 chakras, the 33rd degree of the Adam Kadmon light body. There shall be many new meditation techniques introduced during the four days of which I wish to keep a mystery at this time. To have any sense of expectation other than quiet excitement would not serve you as you enter the secret chambers and passageways of Kamadon.

Each day will build your frequency level of light and love until the last day of completion wherein you will experience a three hour initiation into the Kamadon mastery of Unconditional Love, and enter through meditation into the highest vibration of the Kamadon Temple of Love.

Level 3 of the Melchizedek Method shall be presented by the Melchizedek Elders who many of you have experienced in Levels One and Two. Their combined energy and presence shall be felt as they guide us each day until the final day of initiation.

We will stand side by side with the Melchizedek Elders as their ancient divine encodings are imparted to us. As their encodings enter your cell structure they will awaken the divine higher intention of your creation. You will be recognized as a Kamadon Master of the highest order of Melchizedek. This will be a profound experience for many of you.

Holographic healing will once again be a vital part of this four day intensive, amplifying the Level

Two techniques and introducing the concept of multiples of 33 holograms connected to the 33 chakras rotating at greater speed within the Cosmic Christ Consciousness to bring about an even more accelerated healing process.

The new cutting-edge information and wisdom that spirit is presenting to us for Level Three is truly thought-provoking and revolutionary.

The four days will give you a sense of completion of all three levels and a deep sense of purpose. You will have the tools to raise your frequency for your ascension, of which there is no doubt.

The Ascended Masters Thoth, Metatron, Melchizedek, Sananda, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Lady Kwan Yin, Lady Athena and White Buffalo Calf Woman will once again be our constant companions during this Level 3 presentation. As we gather they shall come.

The Level 3 Melchizedek Method Workshop includes:

• Activating the “Unity” Merkabah of Love

• Activating and downloading the ancient encodings of the Kamadon Earth keeper crystal

• Merging Level one and Level two Melchizedek Method Techniques with the new “Unity” Merkabah

• Activating the 33 chakra system through your pillar of light

• Activating the 33rd degree of your Adam Kadmon light body

• Unlocking the mysteries and merging with the Kamadon Light Temple of Love

• Journeying through the secret passageways and chambers of higher wisdom of Kamadon

• Receiving the Kamadon “Charter of Love”

• Understanding the consciousness of live matter

• Introduction to, working with and receiving the divine encodings of the Melchizedek elders

• A conversation with God

• A new understanding of the crucifixion with Sananda

• A world holographic meditation of love, linking the Christ Grid with the universal

cosmic consciousness through our solar system and the sun

• Advanced Holographic Healing with the cosmic Christ energies

• Amplifying the time-space continuum

• Initiation into the order of Kamadon, a Universal Mastery of love

• Working once again with more Egyptian, Mayan and Hebrew ancient wisdom

• adding H to the word merkabah and why

Qualifying for Level three

If you wish to qualify to attend the Level Three Melchizedek Method workshop. Level 1 and 2 accreditation is required.

As we all turn the corner and head off into the new millennium of Earth Year 2001 the spiritual tools of ascension shall continue to be given from divine sources. As we embrace and practice this higher pure divine wisdom we begin to enter a cosmic vibration of consciousness. This brings with it a clearer understanding of ascension and the great divine plan of love that God has manifested for us all. This means that we are moving continuously into alignment with divine thought and will. As we do this our daily focus and skill of manifesting change and with that so do our priorities.

Humans will always manifest through the most important thoughts harbored in their minds. This would mean that as we align ourselves with the divine will of God so shall we become more god-like. Raising light and love frequency through spiritual practice and service to our fellow man will align us with God. As we focus on this, we ascend.

If ascension is your focus, such daily practice will magnetically draw you to your goal and in doing so magnetically draw the whole human soul group to merge with the source of all that there is.

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